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CHEN Jiefei
release time:2020-09-02 14:31:46

Experimental Quantum correlation Laser cooling and trapping

LIU Chang
release time:2020-04-30 22:06:00

◆ Technique of ARPES and Ultrahigh Vacuum ◆ Iron-based High Temperature Superconductors ◆ Exotic Electronic Behavior

WANG Junling
release time:2020-03-31 10:05:37

◆ Magneto-electric and opto-electric couplings ◆ Functional intrinsic 2D materials ◆ Resistive switching materials

YU Dapeng
release time:2020-03-26 17:10:00

◆ Low dimensional quantum materials ◆ Quantum control ◆ Micro-nano machining


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