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Two Papers about Thermoelectric Materials at JQH Research Group Published in Science
release time:2021-02-19 12:26:40

In the past week,  Jiaqing He’s research group from  the Department of Physics of SUSTech has published their researches about thermoelectric materials in Science.

SUSTech Junling Wang’s team makes breakthrough in organic-inorganic hybrid piezoelectric materials
release time:2021-02-07 13:18:26

Recently, Professor Junling Wang have made important progress in the field of piezoelectric materials.

SUSTech research team makes progress in two-dimensional ferroelectric metal
release time:2021-02-02 10:54:33

Recently, Professor Lang Chen’s lab  has made significant experimental progress in two-dimensional ferroelectric metal.

SUSTech research team makes progress in the thermal transport theories of thermoelectric semiconductors
release time:2021-01-06 15:17:11

Recently, the team led by Jiaqing He reported novel thermal transport mechanisms in thermoelectric materials. 


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