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SUSTech research team makes progress in the study of intermediate -temperature eco-friendly thermoelectric materials
release time:2020-11-24 15:32:39

Recently, a team led by Jiaqing He  successfully introduced the 2D Van der waals defects into the eco-friendly SnTe-based thermoelectric (TE) materials for the first time to enhance the aver

Chang Liu’s group gains new insights on the electronic structures of metal-organic frameworks
release time:2020-11-23 14:15:36

Recently, Chang Liu’s group had led to new progress in the field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).The results have been published in the applied physics journal Applied Physics Letters.

Scientists gain new insights into magnetic topological materials
release time:2020-10-30 08:21:58

Researchers in the department have made significant progress in magnetic topological materials

Kedong Wang’s group made significant progress in the field of superconductivity
release time:2020-10-20 08:34:22

Recently, a group led by Prof. Kedong Wang(Associate Professor, Department of Physics, SUSTech) cooperated with Prof. Fa


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