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SUSTech researchers make advance in the theory of the 3D quantum Hall effect
release time:2020-12-02 09:48:02

Recently, Haizhou Lu’s group had led to new progress in the field of 3D quantum Hall effect.The results have been published in PRL.

SUSTech research team makes progress in the study of intermediate -temperature eco-friendly thermoelectric materials
release time:2020-11-24 15:32:39

Recently, a team led by Jiaqing He  successfully introduced the 2D Van der waals defects into the eco-friendly SnTe-based thermoelectric (TE) materials for the first time to enhance the aver

Chang Liu’s group gains new insights on the electronic structures of metal-organic frameworks
release time:2020-11-23 14:15:36

Recently, Chang Liu’s group had led to new progress in the field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).The results have been published in the applied physics journal Applied Physics Letters.

Scientists gain new insights into magnetic topological materials
release time:2020-10-30 08:21:58

Researchers in the department have made significant progress in magnetic topological materials


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