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Xiang Xiaodong

Chair Professor


Brief Introduction

Prof. Xiao-dong Xiang is a Chair Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Southern University of Science and Technology. Prof. Xiang pioneered combinatorial material science at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in 1994. For his outstanding contribution to combinatorial material science, Prof. Xiang won the Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation in computer hardware category in 1996 (Java Language from Sun Microsystem won the award for computer software category in the same year) and the R&D 100 Award (known as the Oscar award in industrial field) in 2000. Prof. Xiang has published over 100 papers among them, 9 papers has been published in Science/Nature. Prof. Xiang was authorized over 120 U.S. and international patents and more than 50 Chinese patents. Currently, he is interested in high throughput synthesis, screening and characterization of combinatorial material chips to explore advanced materials including metallic glass, high entropy alloy, battery and functional materials.



University of Kentucky, 1985 - 1989


The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese, 1982 - 1985

M.S., major in Physics

NanJing Tongxun Gongcheng Xueyuan,1973 - 1977

B.S., major in Tongxun

Research and Teaching Experience

SRI International, 2000 - 2007

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Career Staff Scientist 1994 - 2000

Georgia State University,1993 - 1994

Honors and Awards

R&D 100 Award, 2000

Discover Magazine Awards for Technological Innovation in computer hardware category, 1996

Selected Publication

◆ A Combinatorial Approach to Materials Discovery, 268, 1738 (1995) Science

◆ Nondestructive Imaging of Dielectric Constant Profiles and Ferroelectric Domains with a Scanning Tip Microwave Near-Field Microscope, 276, 2004 (1997) Science

◆ Synthesis and Electronic Transport of Single Crystal K3C60, 256, 1190 (1992) Science

◆ A Class of Cobalt Oxide Magnetoresistance Materials Discovered with Combinatorial Synthesis, 270, 273 (1995) Science

◆ Three-dimensional fluctuation conductivity in superconducting single crystal K3C60 and Rb3C60, 361, 54 (1993) Nature

◆ Tuning High-Tc Superconductors via Multistage Intercalation, 254, 1487 (1991) Science

◆ Room-temperature electronic phase transitions in the continuous phase diagrams of perovskite manganites, 406, 704 (2000) Nature

◆ Iodine intercalation of a high-temperature superconducting oxide, X-D.XIANG, 348, 145 (1990) Nature

◆ Identification of a Blue Photoluminescent Composite Material from a Combinatorial Library, 279, 1712 (1998)Science


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