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FAN Jingyun
Office: Room 502-11, Taizhou Building C

Educational Background

1987.09-1992.07    BA   Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

1992.09-1994.07    MS   Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

1998.01-2002.05    PhD  Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 

Professional Experience

2020.09 - Present: Professor, Department of Physics, SUSTech, Shenzhen
2019.03 - presentSenior Scientist, Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, SUSTech, Shenzhen
2015 - 2019Visiting professor, Shanghai Institute of Advanced Studies, USTC, Shanghai 
2004 - 2015Physicist, NIST and UMD Joint Quantum Institute, Gaithersburg, MD 
2002 - 2004Postdoctoral scientist, NEC Labs, Princeton, NJ

Selected Publications

1. P. Xu, Y. Ma, J. Ren, H. Yong, T. Ralph, K. Liao, J. Yin, W. Liu, W. Cai, X. Han, H. Wu, W. Wang, F. Li, M. Yang, L. Li, N. Liu, C. Lu, Y. Chen, Y. Chen, J. Fan, C. Peng, J. Pan. “Satellite Testing of a gravitationally induced quantum decoherence model”, Science 366, 132(2019). 
2. Q. Sun, Y. Jiang, B. Bai, W. Zhang, X. Jiang, J. Zhang, L. You, X. Chen, Z. Wang, Q. Zhang, J. Fan, J. Pan, “Experimental demonstration of nonbilocality with truly independent sources and strict locality constraints,” Nature Photonics 13, 687 (2019).
3. M. Li, C. Wu, Y. Zhang, W. Liu, B. Bai, Y. Liu, Q. Zhao, W. Zhang, H. Li, J. Yin, C. Peng, L. You, Z. Wang, J. Zhang, X. Ma, Q. Zhang, J. Fan, J. Pan, “Test of Local Realism into the Past without Detection and Locality Loopholes,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 080404 (2018).
4. Y. Liu, Q. Zhao, M. Li, J. Guan, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang, H. Li, Z. Wang, L. You, X. Ma, J. Fan, Q. Zhang, J. Pan, “Device-independent quantum random number generation,” Nature 562, 548 (2018).
5. H. Xu, U Kemiktarak, J. Fan, J. Lawall, J. Taylor, “Observation of buckling transition in optomechanics,” Nature Communications 8, 14481(2017).
6. Q. Sun, Y. Mao, S. Chen, Y. Jiang, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang, S. Miki, T. Yamashita, H. Terai, X. Jiang, T. Chen, L, You, Z. Wang, J. Fan, Q. Zhang, J. Pan, “Quantum teleportation with independent quantum sources over a fibre network”, Nature Photonics 10, 671(2016).
7. S. Mittal, S. Ganeshan, J. Fan, A. Vaezi, M. Hafezi, “Measurement of topological invariants in 2D photonic system,” Nature Photonics 10, 180(2016).
8. F. E. Becerra, J. Fan and A. Migdall, “Photon number resolution enables quantum receiver for realistic coherent optical communications,” Nature Photonics 9, 48(2015).
9. M. Hafezi, S. Mittal, J. Fan, A. Migdall, and J. Taylor, “Imaging topological edge states in silicon photonics,” Nature Photonics 7, 1001(2013).
10. F. E. Becerra, J. Fan, G. Baumgartner, J. Goldhar, J. T. Kosloski, and A. Migdall, “Experimental demonstration of a receiver beating the standard quantum limit for multiple nonorthogonal coherent-state discrimination,” Nature Photonics 7, 147(2013). 

Contact us

  • Room 201, Faculty Research Building 2, Southern University of Science and Technology, No 1088, Xueyuan Rd., Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • TEL+86-(0)755-88018200
  • FAX+86-(0)755-88018204
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