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Associate professor

<span font-size:18px;"="">XU Haitan

Associate Professor

Department of Physics


Add: Taizhou Building

Brief Introduction

Haitan Xu received his Ph.D. degree from University of Maryland-College Park in 2014, and B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Zhejiang University in 2007 and 2009. Then he worked as a postdoc at Yale University and Harvard University, and Research Fellow at Peking University. In 2020 he joined SUSTech as a Research Fellow and Associate Professor. He is both an experimentalist and a theorist, with research experience in multiple fields including topological and quantum optomechanics, quantum computation and precision measurement. His representative achievements include: topological energy transfer by encircling an exceptional point, nonreciprocal phonon transfer, optomechanical buckling transitions, and construction of topological qubits and quantum gates (especially the Toffoli gate) for topological quantum computation.

Research Interests

Topological and Quantum Optomechanics, Quantum Computation

Educational Background

2009-2014 University of Maryland-College Park, PhD

2007-2009 Zhejiang University, MSc

2003-2007 Zhejiang University, BSc

Professional Experience

2020.0-Present, Southern University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor

2019-2020, Peking University, Research Fellow

2018-2019, Harvard University, Postdoc/Visiting Scholar

2015-2018, Yale University, Postdoc

Selected Publication

1. Haitan Xu, L. Jiang, A. A. Clerk, J. G. E. Harris, “Nonreciprocal control and cooling of phonon modes in an optomechanical system”, Nature 568,65 (2019).

2. Haitan Xu, D. Mason, J. Liang, and Jack G. E. Harris, “Topological energy transfer in an optomechanical system with exceptional points”, Nature 537, 80 (2016).

3. Haitan Xu, U. Kemiktarak, J. Fan, S. Ragole, John Lawall, and Jacob M. Taylor, “Observation of Optomechanical Buckling Phase Transitions”, Nature Communications 8, 14481 (2017).

4. H. McNamara, R. Salegame, Z. Tanoury, Haitan Xu, S. Begum, G. Ortiz, O. Pourquite, A. Cohen, “Bioelectrical domain walls in homogeneous tissues”, Nature Physics 16, 357 (2020).

5. V. Srinivasa, Haitan Xu, and Jacob M. Taylor, “Tunable Spin Qubit Coupling Mediated by a Multi-Electron Quantum Dot”, Physical Review Letters 114, 226803 (2015).

6. Haitan Xu, Mohammad Hafezi, J. Fan, Jacob M. Taylor, Gregory F. Strouse, and Z. Ahmed, “Ultra-sensitive chip-based photonic temperature sensor using ring resonator structures”, Optics Express 22, 3098 (2014).

7. Haitan Xu and Jacob M. Taylor, “Uniffied approach to topological quantum computation with anyons: From qubit encoding to Toffoli gate”, Physical Review A 84, 012332 (2011).

8. M. Burrello, Haitan Xu, Giuseppe Mussardo, and Xin Wan, “Topological Quantum Hashing with the Icosahedral Group”, Physical Review Letters 104, 160502 (2010).

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