CHEN Lang Professor


Office:College of Science P3107

Personal Profile

Professor CHEN Lang has mainly worked on complex functional oxides and multiferrioc materials recently. He explained the nonlinear piezoresponse of ferroelectric thin film and was among the first group to elucidate the ferroelastic domain dynamics in ferroelectric thin films. He elucidated the low symmetry phases, domain structures and in-plane polarization rotation in epitaxial BiFeO3 thin film system and proposed to study the novel and abnormal electromagnetic and mechanical properties. He has published 140 journal papers in various journals including Nature Materials, PRL, PRB, APL, Adv Mat, Adv Fun Mat, ACS Nano, Nat Communication ...and etc. He also served as reviewer for many journals such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, New Journal of Physics, Applied Physics Letters, Nanotechnology etc.

Research Areas

  • Multiferroic Complex Oxides
  • Strain and Domain Engineering
  • Emergent Materials and Meta Materials

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Materials Science, University of Maryland, 2005

M.S. in Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Beijing, 2000  

B.S. in Physical Electronics, Fudan University, 1997

Professional Experience

2013-Present, Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology 
2006-2013, Assistant Professor, Nanyang technological University, Singapore
2005-2006, Postdoc fellow, CNRS, France

Selected Publication

1. Yaoyin Li, Qiyuan Wang, Ling Zhang, Songbai Hu, Lang Chen, Peng He, Huanhuan Feng, Jiaheng Zhang, Hongjun Ji, Xing Ma, Kang Li and Weiwei Zhao. Self-assembly of nickel: from nanoparticles to foils with tunable magnetic properties, CrystEngComm, 2019, 21, 5317.

2. Xiaoyan Lu , Zuhuang Chen, Ye Cao, Yunlong Tang, Ruijuan Xu, Sahar Saremi, Zhan Zhang,Lu You, Yongqi Dong, Sujit Das, Hangbo Zhang, Limei Zheng, Huaping Wu, Weiming Lv,Guoqiang Xie, Xingjun Liu, Jiangyu Li, Lang Chen , Long-Qing Chen, Wenwu Cao Lane W. Martin.Mechanical-force-induced non-local collective ferroelastic switching in epitaxial lead-titanate thin films,NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2019, 10:3951.

3. Youngjun Ahn, Anastasios Pateras, Samuel D. Marks, Han Xu, Tao Zhou, Zhenlin Luo, Zuhuang Chen, Lang Chen,Xiaoyi Zhang, Anthony D. DiChiara, Haidan Wen, and Paul G. Evans.* Nanosecond Optically Induced Phase Transformation in Compressively Strained BiFeO3 on LaAlO3, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 2019, 045703.

4. Songbai Hu,* Wenqiao Han, Sixia Hu, Jan Seidel, Junling Wang, Rui Wu, Jiaou Wang,Jiali Zhao, Zedong Xu, Mao Ye, and Lang Chen*. Voltage-Controlled Oxygen Non-Stoichiometry in SrCoO3−δ Thin Films, Chem. Mater, 2019.

5. Muhammad Adnan Qaiser, Xiao‐Zi Ma, Rongtian Ma, Wajid Ali, Xijun Xu, Guoliang Yuan, Lang Chen*. High‐temperature multilayer actuators based on CuO added BiScO3–PbTiO3 piezoceramics and Ag electrodes, J Am Ceram Soc, 2019,1-8.