GUO Mingyang Associate Professor

Office:College of Science P3102

Personal Profile

Dr. Mingyang Guo, received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2013, and the Ph.D. degree in 2018 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he created the ultracold ground-state NaRb molecules for the first time and successfully manipulated their chemical reactivity and collisional properties. After that, He moved to the University of Stuttgart to investigate dipolar quantum gas of strongly magnetic Dysprosium atoms, specifically on novel quantum phases of supersolid and quantum droplets. The research result “Signs of Supersolidity in Dipolar Gases” (together with the other two independent groups) was selected by American Physical Society as “Highlights of the year 2019”. Since Nov. 2021, he joined the Physics department at Southern University of Science and Technology as an assistant professor.

Research Areas

  • Ultracold dipolar quantum gases
  • Supersolid and dipolar quantum droplets
  • Quantum many-body physics and quantum simulations
  • Ultracold polar molecules

Educational Background

  • Sep. 2009 – July 2013, BS in Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • Aug. 2013 – Feb. 2018, PhD in Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professional Experience

  • Mar. 2018 – July 2018, Research Associate, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Aug. 2018 – Oct. 2019, Postdoc Researcher, 5th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart

  • Nov. 2019 – Oct. 2021, Humboldt Fellow for Postdoc Researcher, 5th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart.

Honors & Awards

  • Nov. 2019, Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Apr. 2017, C N Yang Scholarships for graduate students

  • Dec. 2013, Excellent Bachelor Thesis of Hubei Province, China

Selected Publication

(Research ID: Google Scholar, Researcher ID

1) J. Hertkorn, J.-N. Schmidt, M. Guo, F. Böttcher, K. S. H. Ng, S. D. Graham, P. Uerlings, H. P. Büchler, T. Langen, M. Zwierlein, and T. Pfau#, “Supersolidity in Two-Dimensional Trapped Dipolar Droplet Arrays Physical Review Letters 127, 155301 (2021).

2) J-N Schmidt, J. Hertkorn, M. Guo, F. Büttcher, M. Schmidt, K.S.H Ng, S.D. Graham, T. Langen, M. Zwierlein and T. Pfau#, “Roton Excitations in an Oblate Dipolar Quantum Gas”, Physical Review Letters 126, 193002 (2021), Editors’ Suggestion.

3) M. Guo#, and T. Pfau, “A New State of Matter of Quantum Droplets”, Frontiers of Physics 16, 32202 (2021), View & Perspective.

4) J. Hertkorn, J.-N. Schmidt, F. Büttcher, M. Guo, M. Schmidt, K. S H Ng, S. Graham, H. P. Büchler, T. Langen, M. Zwierlein and T. Pfau#, “Density Fluctuations across the Superfluid-supersolid Phase Transition in a Dipolar Quantum Gas”, Physical Review X 11, 011037 (2021).

5) J. He, X. Ye, J. Lin, M. Guo, G. Quéméner, and D. Wang#, “Observation of resonant dipolar collisions in ultracold 23Na87Rb rotational mixtures”, Physical Review Research 3, 013016 (2021).

* The authors contribute equally to the paper

# Corresponding author