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Jiaqing He is a Chair professor at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). He received his joint Ph.D. degree in physics from both Juelich Research Center and Wuhan University in 2004. He was a post-doctor at Brookhaven National Laboratory (2004–2008), research associate (2008– 2010) and research assistant professor (2010–2012) at Northwestern University, and a professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University (2012–2013) and SUSTech (2013-2019). His research interests include transmission electron microscopy, thermoelectric materials, and structure and property relationship.

Research Areas

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Thermoelctric Materials
  • Structure and Property Relationship

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Physics, Wuhan University and Germany Juelich Research Center, 2004

B.S. in Physics, Wuhan University, 1998

Professional Experience

2019 -present, Chair Professor, Southern University of Science Technology, China

2013-2019, Professor, Southern University of Science Technology, China

2012-2013, Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

2010-2012, Research Assistant Professor,Northwestern University, USA

2008-2010, Research Associate, NorthwesternUniversity, USA

2004-2008, Postdoc fellow, Brookhaven NationalLaboratory, USA

Honors & Awards

2014, Pengcheng Scholar Distinguished Professor

2017, Second Prize of Natural Science by the Ministry of Education

2017, Second Prize of Natural Science by the Shenzhen Municipality 

Selected Publication

  * Corresponding author

(5) B.B. Jiang, Y. Yu, J. Cui, X.X. Liu, L. Xie, J. Liao, Q. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Ning, B.H. Jia, B. Zhu, S.Q. Bai, L.D. Chen, S. J. Pennycook and J.Q. He*, High-Entropy Stabilized Chalcogenides with High Thermoelectric Performance,  Science, 371(2021) 830-834

(4) L.Xie, J.H. Feng, R. Li, J.Q. He*, First-principles study of anharmonic lattice dynamics in low thermal conductivity AgCrSe2: Evidence for a large resonant four-phonon scattering, Physical Review Letters, 125(2020)245901

(3) D. Wu, L. Xie, X. Xu, J. Q. He*, High Thermoelectric Performance Achieved in GeTe-Bi2Te3 Pseudo-binary via Van der Waals Gaps Induced Hierarchical Ferroelectric Domain Structure, Advanced Functional Materials, (2019)1806613

(2) C. Chang,M. Wu, D. He, Y. Pei, C.Wu, X. Wu, H. Yu, F. Zhu, K. Wang, Y. Chen, L. Huang, J. Li, J. Q. He*, L.D. Zhao*, 3D charge and 2D phonon transports leading to high out-of-plane ZT in n-type SnSe crystals, Science, 360(2018)778

(1) Q. Lu, W. Li, D. Wu, C. Chang, Y. Guo,C. Zhou, M. Wu, X. Ma, H. Qin, G.Wang, L.-D. Zhao, L. Huang*,C. Liu*,and J.Q. He+ Unexpected large hole effective masses in SnSe revealed by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, Physical Review Letters, 2017,119,116401


Research ID: A-2245-2010