XIA Keqing Chair Professor(Joint with Dept. of Mec. & Ae)


Research Areas

  • Physical Oceanography
  • Fluid Turbulence
  • Complex Fluids

Educational Background

1987 Ph.D., Physics, University of Pittsburgh
1982 Master of Physics, University of Pittsburgh
1981 Bachelor of Physics, Lanzhou University

Professional Experience

2018.8-present Chair Professor Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
2014-2018.8 Professor of Zhuo Ming Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2010.8-2015.7 Head of Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2007.8-2010.7 Director, School of Physics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2002-2018 Professor, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1995-2002 Associate Professor, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1992-1995 Lecturer, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1989-1992 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics and Chemistry, Cornell University
1989 Assistant Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Honors & Awards

2017 Middle Department Thousand Talents Program
2011 China Mechanics Conference Conference Report
2010 Member of the American Physical Society
2009 China National Natural Science Award (second prize)
2009 Report of the 12th European Turbulence Conference
2005 裘槎 Advanced Research Award
2001 China Higher Education Science and Technology Award (Second Prize)
1999 Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award (First Prize)

Selected Publication

1. Y.-C. Xie, G.-Y. Ding and K.-Q. Xia, “Flow Topology Transition via Global Bifurcation in Thermally Driven Turbulence” Physical Review Letters 120, 214501 (2018).

2. F. Wang, S.-D. Huang, and K.-Q. Xia, “Contribution of Surface Thermal Forcing to Mixing in the Ocean” Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 123, 855 (2018). (Selected as cover article)

3. K.-L. Chong, S. Wagner, M. Kaczorowski, O. Shishkina, and K.-Q. Xia, “Effect of Prandtl numberon heat transport enhancement in Rayleigh-B´ enard convection under geometrical confinement”Physical Review Fluids 3, 013501 (2018).

4. K.-L. Chong, Y. Yang, S.-D. Huang, J.-Q. Zhong, R. J. A. M. Stevens, R. Verzicco, D. Lohse and K.-Q. Xia, “Confined Rayleigh-B´ enard, Rotating Rayleigh-B´ enard, and Double Diffusive Convection:A Unifying View on Turbulent Transport Enhancement through Coherent Structure Manipulation”Physical Review Letters 119, 064501 (2017).

5. Y.-C. Xie and K.-Q. Xia, “Turbulent thermal convection over rough plates with varying roughnessgeometries” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 825, 573 (2017).