CHEN Zhuoyu Associate Professor

Office:College of Science P4095

Personal Profile

Dr. Zhuoyu Chen received his B.S. degree in Mathematics and Physics from Tsinghua University in 2012 and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Stanford University in 2018. After spending 4 years as a postdoc scholar in Stanford and SLAC National Lab., Dr. Chen joined Department of Physics, Southern University of Science and Technology in 2022 as an associate professor. Combining oxide molecular beam epitaxy (OMBE), angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), and ultralow-temperature quantum transport techniques, Dr. Chen studies mechanism of superconductivity in cuprate, Fe-based, nickelate, and titanate materials, with emphasis on the paring source, heterointerfacial coupling, and phase fluctuations. The scientific goal is to understand the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity, and promote superconducting transition temperature by designing and synthesizing novel superconducting material structures utilizing heterointerfaces.

Research Areas

  • High-temperature superconductivity
  • Correlated electrons and electron-phonon coupling
  • Design and synthesis of novel materials and heterostructures
  • Quantum functional materials and devices
  • Quantum transport and electronic structure measurements

Educational Background

Aug. 2008 – Jul. 2012, B.S., Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

Sep. 2012 – Apr. 2018, Ph.D., Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University

Professional Experience

Apr. 2018 – Mar. 2022, Postdoc, SIMES, Stanford University/SLAC National Lab.

Mar. 2022 – present, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Southern University of Science and Technology

Honors & Awards

2010 Meng Zhaoying Fellowship, Tsinghua University

2013 – 2015 Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering

Selected Publication

†These authors contribute equally*Corresponding authors

1. Z. Chen†, Y. Wang†, S. N. Rebec, T. Jia, M. Hashimoto, D. Lu, B. Moritz, R. G. Moore, T. P. Devereaux, Z.-X. Shen, Anomalously Strong Near-Neighbor Attraction in Doped 1D Cuprate Chains, Science 373, 1235-1239 (2021).

2. Z. Chen*, M. Osada, D. Li, E. M. Been, S.-D. Chen, M. Hashimoto, D. Lu, S.-K. Mo, K. Lee, B. Y. Wang, F. Rodolakis, J. L. McChesney, C. Jia, B. Moritz, T. P. Devereaux, H. Y. Hwang, Z.-X. Shen*, Electronic structure of superconducting nickelates probed by resonant photoemission spectroscopy, Matter, 5, 1806-1815(2022).

3. Y. Zhong†*, Z. Chen†*, S. Chen, K. Xu, M. Hashimoto, Y. He; S. Uchida, D. Lu; S. Mo, Z. Shen*, Differentiated roles of Lifshitz transition on thermodynamics and superconductivity in La2-xSrxCuO4, PNAS 119,

e2204630119 (2022).

4. Y. Wang†, Z. Chen†, T. Shi, B. Moritz, Z.-X. Shen, and T. P. Devereaux, Phonon-Mediated Long-Range Attractive Interaction in One-Dimensional Cuprates, Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 197003 (2021).

5. Z. Chen*, A. G. Swartz, H. Yoon, H. Inoue, T. Merz, D. Lu, Y. Xie, H. Yuan, Y. Hikita, S. Raghu, H. Y. Hwang*, Carrier density and disorder tuned superconductor-metal transition in a two-dimensional electron system, Nature Commun. 9, 4008 (2018).