LIU Song Assistant Professor (Joint with Center for Complex Flows and Soft Matter Research)

Office:College of Science P4105

Personal Profile

LIU Song earned his bachelor degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2014 and Ph.D. degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018. Then he did postdoctoral research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong during 2018-2019 and at Institute for Basic Science, South Korea during 2019-2022, before joining Southern University of Science and Technology in 2022.

The research focuses on the interdisciplinary study of fluid, biophysics and soft matter, exploring novel collective behaviors of microbes, revealing the associated mechanisms and building new frameworks for out-of-equilibrium physics. The main research achievements are discovering bacterial collective oscillation without local oscillators which reveals novel long-range order in self-propelled system; discovering polymer concentration controlled bacterial giant vortex which proves for the first time in experiments that fluid viscoelasticity can control the self-organization of active matter. The related works lead to two research papers published Nature journal, enhancing the understanding of self-organization of active matter.

Research Areas

  • Active Fluid
  • Collective Behaviors of Microbes
  • Soft Matter

Educational Background

2010-2014, Xi' an Jiaotong University, Bachelor of Science

2014-2018, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ph.D. in Physics

Professional Experience

2018-2019, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Researcher

2019-2022, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea, Postdoctoral Researcher

Honors & Awards

2017, Physics Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, C N Yang Scholarship for Postgraduate Students.

2018, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Postgraduate Research Output Award.

Selected Publication

[2] Liu, S.*, Shankar, S.*, Marchetti, M. C., & Wu, Y. (2021) Viscoelastic control of spatiotemporal order in bacterial active matter. Nature, 590(7844), 80-84. (*co-first authors).

[1] Chong Chen*, Song Liu*, Xiaqing Shi, Hugues Chaté, Yilin Wu (2017) Weak synchronization and large-scale collective oscillation in dense bacterial suspensions. Nature, 542, 210–214. (*co-first authors).