Notice on Princeton University Physics Competition 2016 (Asi


The 2016 Princeton University Physics Competition will take place in November 19, 2016. Registration will open in September or sooner.

 As a sub-contest area, the second annual Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC) has been held in November 2015 at our school and achieved great influences ( It aims to provide high school students with a venue to exhibit their skills in solving non-ordinary physics problems, learn new concepts from present-day areas of physics undergoing groundbreaking research,  develop their inner intuition of the beauty of physics, while at the same time competing for awards. The PUPC has established an international chapter at our University as the only testing centre of Asia.

 The PUPC is now officially supported by both the Department of Physics and the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. The competition is organized and run entirely by undergraduate and graduate students affiliated with the Princeton Society of Physics Students. The broad strategy is developed collegially by members of the PUPC Permanent Board, consisting of core organizers of the first year's edition and organizers of the current edition.

Schedule( China Standard Time):

November 19

  9:00-12:00 am: Register

  12:00-13:00 pm: Lunch

  2:00 - 4:00 pm: Onsite Test

  5:00 pm:  Scan the paper and sent to Princeton University

 Contestants at each international chapter will be ranked separately from the other chapters and the result will come just over a week after exam.

 Each participant of PUPC will take one individual onsite test, which will contain several problems in Mechanics (kinematics and dynamics). The individual test will have a time limit of two hours. And participants are NOT allowed to collaborate on this part of the competition.

 For more information, please click, or directly contact Prof. Chang Liu (E-mail:



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