Princeton University Physics Competition 2015


The second annual Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC) will be held in November 21, 2015. Its aim is to provide high school students with a venue to exhibit their skills in solving non-ordinary physics problems, learn new concepts from present-day areas of physics undergoing groundbreaking research,  develop their inner intuition of the beauty of physics, while at the same time competing for awards. The PUPC has established an international chapter at our University as the only testing centre of China.

       The PUPC is now officially supported by both the physics and astrophysics departments at Princeton, and has the support of the Dean of the College. So participation in the competition can definitely be a good thing for the students' studying and applications.

       The first annual PUPC has been held last year at Princeton University successfully and achieved great influences. The contestants have got an unparalleled experience competing with peers from various parts of the world on interesting physics topics, with an opportunity of being recognized for their efforts in multiple ways. First, everyone gets a certificate of participation. Second, all winners (last year it was the top one-half of contestants) get individual diplomas. Third, those who score above a certain percentage get individual medals (last year there are two students received gold medals, two - silver, and three – bronze).

       Schedule( China Standard Time):

          November 21

       2:00 - 4:00 pm: The individual Onsite Test (full version) held in 404 of the Teaching Building I

       4:05 - 4:45 pm: The individual Onsite Test (short version) held in 404 of the Teaching Building I

       5:00 pm:  Scan the paper and sent to Princeton University

   Contestants at each international chapter will be ranked separately from the other chapters and the result will come just over a week after exam.

       A brief structure of the competition on the following webpage (only the second section, "Onsite Test," is relevant in this case):

       In particular, there are some guidelines for contestants in this short pdf document:

       Slightly more detailed rules are in these sections: (for registration); (for test-taking).

       Each participant of PUPC will take one individual onsite test, which will contain several problems in Mechanics (kinematics and dynamics). The individual test will have a time limit of two hours. And participants are NOT allowed to collaborate on this part of the competition.

       If you want to participate in the competition, please fill out and submit the standard registration form by following the link:,

       Clicking “Onsite Test” and then selecting "South University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen, China" for the location option. If you are a prospective contestant who could not open the registration link, you can sent mail to Prof. Chang Liu ( first, and then fill out and submit the standard registration form at SUSTC on exam day (You are suggested arrive at our school in the morning at that day).

       After that, for further details about the schedule at our university, please directly contact Prof. Chang Liu,




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