The conference of thermoelectric materials and devices was s


The conference of thermoelectricmaterials and devices, proposed and organized by Prof. Jiaqing He in Physicsdepartment, was successfully held in Administration Hall, from April. 17thto 19th, 2015. Scholars from Tsinghua University, ZhejiangUniversity, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University ofTechnology, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics (Chinese Academy of Science) et al., experts from South Korean andJapan, were invited to give talks on research progresses and outlooks on thermoelectrics.Congratulations to Prof. He were received from peer institutes for theestablishment of “Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Thermoelectric Materials”; notably,the chair of Chinese thermoelectric materials and applications, Prof. XinbingZhao from Zhejiang University, looked forward to the future that SouthUniversity of Science and Technology of China will become the research centeron themoelectrics located in South China. This conference not only provided adecent platform for academic communications between our university and peerinstitutes, but also offered an excellent chance to get the research status ofthis university known to domestic and international researchers, thusfacilitating the long term development and prosperity of the university.


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