Department of Physics holds strategic seminar


Last week, the Department of Physics at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its annual strategic seminar. Department of Physics faculty members were joined by SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao, Vice President Zhao Yusheng, College of Science Dean Yang Xueming, Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering (SIQSE) Dean Yu Dapeng and other senior leaders across SUSTech.


The Department of Physics Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) met on the first day to provide their thoughts on major development-related issues. The Advisory Committee is made up of highly-regarded researchers and scholars from across mainland China.
The second day saw Department Head and Chair Professor He Jiaqing review the achievements of 2019 before moving onto the plans for 2020. He was followed by Professor Chen Lang and Professor Ye Fei, who spoke about different aspects of student training.
As part of the strategic seminar, the Advisory Committee and faculty members had intense debates about the development of the Department of Physics, focusing mainly on the opportunities and challenges of the future. There were several sub-forums to discuss teaching practices, scientific research, laboratory development, and administrative services. Representatives of all facets of the Department of Physics were involved in each sub-forum.


The Advisory Committee confirmed their support for the efforts of the Department of Physics in the last twelve months, noting that their development path offers a positive trajectory for the future. They provided some constructive comments to help guide the Department in several areas. After the meeting, the Advisory Committee noted that the Department of Physics had made substantial progress in many aspects, and they hoped that they would continually improve going forward.


SUSTech President Chen Shiyi closed the strategic seminar, thanking the Advisory Committee for giving up their time to assist the Department of Physics in guiding it towards an ideal developmental direction. He invited all members of the Advisory Committee to come back next year. President Chen Shiyi emphasized that a world-class physics department is a vital yard-stick for SUSTech as it strives to become a world-class research university rooted in China.

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